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Fund Name
Donate Abby Hayhurst Fund for the Arts
Donate A. Bertram and Irene J. Conaway Scholarship Fund
Donate Actors Guild Preservation Fund
Donate Addie Deem Westfall Scholarship Fund
Donate A. F. Marple and Ethel Marple Scholarship Fund
Donate Albert Wolfe Family Fund
Donate Alexander D. II and Blanche L. Dulaney Scholarship Fund
Donate Alex J. Craig Memorial Scholarship
Donate Alice Ray Hovis Chapel Endowment Fund
Donate Allohak Council, Boy Scouts of America Fund
Donate Altrusa of Parkersburg Charitable Fund
Donate Altrusa of Parkersburg Katherine Fry Memorial Scholarship
Donate American Red Cross of the Ohio River Valley Endowment Fund
Donate Ami-John Crawford / J. J. and Harriet C. West Prize Fund
Donate Anderson / Morgan Advised Fund
Donate Anna Louise Roberts Memorial Fund
Donate Ann E. Wheatley Memorial Fund for Marietta College Petroleum Department
Donate April Lee Tibbs Memorial Scholarship
Donate Arthur R. and Judith B. Campbell Advised Fund
Donate Arts and Trails Youth Enrichment Fund
Donate Artsbridge Fund for the Arts
Donate Aubry Earl Sands Memorial Fund
Donate Autism Whispers Fund in Memory of Terri Ann (Marshall) Gard
Donate Ava and Doyle Hale Memorial Conservation Fund
Donate A. V. Criss, Jr. and L. Gay Criss Fund for Williamstown High
Donate Bell-Kakascik Scholarship Fund for Catholic Schools
Donate Berdie L. DeVaughn Memorial Fund
Donate Beren and Staub Prize Fund
Donate Bill Carpenter Memorial Fund
Donate Bill Six Memorial Fund
Donate Blennerhassett FFA Alumni Support Fund
Donate Blennerhassett Foundation Endowment Fund
Donate B. Louise and Ralph Netser Charitable Fund
Donate Blubaugh Prize Fund for PHS
Donate Bob and Ridglae Stephens Advised Fund
Donate Bob Zide Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Boggs/PHS Soccer Assistance Fund
Donate Boyce Charitable Fund
Donate Boys & Girls Club Endowment Fund
Donate Boys & Girls Club of Parkersburg Youth Education Fund
Donate Brady Memorial Fund
Donate Brendan and Mary Hazelbaker Fund
Donate Brice Michael Byham English Achievement Award
Donate Bruce and Judy Holmes Advised Fund
Donate Bryce / Lietzke / Martin Scholarship Fund
Donate Cairo High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
Donate Camden and Elsie Waybright Charitable Fund
Donate Campbell Advised Fund
Donate Cardinal Memorial Scholarship in Honor of Joe E. Smith
Donate Carl M. Rose Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Carl W. Balderson, Jr. Memorial Fund for the Love of Reading
Donate Carole Lewis Craig Memorial Fund for Music
Donate Carole Lewis Craig Memorial Music Scholarship
Donate Cathryn Sisson Hoblitzell Memorial Fund
Donate Cathy McClain Nursing Scholarship
Donate Cecile G. Morgan Memorial Fund
Donate Charles and Trudy Seita Advised Fund
Donate Charles A. Townsend Scholarship Fund
Donate Charles Austin Kreinik Memorial Fund
Donate Chester H. Bruce Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Children's Listening Place Endowment Fund
Donate Cindy Curry Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Circles Campaign of the Mid-Ohio Valley Endowment Fund
Donate Clare Bernardine McCusker Memorial Fund
Donate Claudia Lia C. Smith Scholarship Fund
Donate Clayburn J. Sr. and Garnet R. Hanna Scholarship Fund
Donate Clinton Fund for Humane Society of Parkersburg
Donate Clinton Fund for St. Paul's United Methodist Women
Donate Coach and Betty Stansberry Scholarship Fund
Donate Cody Campbell Memorial Fund
Donate Coldwater Creek Fund
Donate Colonial House Endowment Fund
Donate Colonial House Endowment Fund - Agency Contributions
Donate Community Sponsors Campaign
Donate Constance "Connie" Cochran Memorial Fund
Donate Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the MOV Support Fund in Honor of Harold "Jim" Applebaum
Donate Corkrean Community Fund
Donate C. Richard and Jewel W. Burdette Anniversary Fund
Donate C. R. Thomas Scholarship Fund
Donate C. Scott Durig Award for Excellence in Criminal Justice
Donate Curtis and Ginger Miller Donor Advised Fund
Donate Dan and Sharon Wharton Parkersburg Art Center Fund
Donate Daniel B. and Sharon E. Wharton Advised Fund
Donate Dave and Donna Warfield Fund for the Arts
Donate Dave Elmo Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate David A. Couch ALS/Neuromuscular Disease Fund
Donate David A. Couch Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate David and Cheryl Ritchie Memorial Endowment Fund
Donate David and Jean Grapes Family Charitable Fund
Donate David Edward Farson Scholarship Fund
Donate David F. Medley Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate David Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate DeBerry Scholarship for WV Writers
Donate Deborah B. Powell Humane Society of Parkersburg Spay/Neuter Fund
Donate Deem - Dyer Fund
Donate Dennie G. Wolfe and Marie R. Wolfe Fund
Donate Dennis and Ruby Farley Memorial Fund
Donate Dennis M. O'Callaghan Memorial Scholarship
Donate Denver Singer Memorial Scholarship
Donate DeSales Heights Alumnae Association Fund
Donate Dils Community Support Fund
Donate DLS Educational Foundation Fund
Donate Doddridge County 4-H Endowment Fund
Donate Doddridge County Animal Welfare Fund
Donate Doddridge County Charitable Fund
Donate Doddridge County Educational Foundation
Donate Doddridge County Grantmaking Fund
Donate Doddridge County High School Alumni Scholarship
Donate Doddridge County High School Promise Scholarship Fund in Memory of Hattie Leggett
Donate Doddridge County Library Fund
Donate Doddridge County Medical Center Inc. Charitable Fund
Donate Doddridge County STEM Scholarship
Donate Doddridge County Vocation Scholarship Fund
Donate Don Fosselman Scholarship
Donate Dorcas Edmondson Haught Scholarship Fund
Donate Douglas E. Cochran Scholarship Fund
Donate Doug McLain Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Dr. Athey and Veronica Lutz Fund
Donate Dr. David Monroe Ritchie Memorial Fund
Donate Dr. Lyle D. Vincent Memorial Fund
Donate Dr. Marie D. Boette Music Scholarship Fund
Donate Dr. Nick and Ann Endrizzi Memorial Fund
Donate Dr. Robert C. Robinson Memorial Fund
Donate Dudley Mullins / Cabot Corporation Scholarship Fund
Donate Dunn Family Fund for the Environment and Education
Donate DuPont Washington Works Community Support Fund
Donate Dwight O. Conner / Ellen Conner Lepp / Danhart Scholarship Fund
Donate Earl and Jeane Curry Charitable Fund
Donate Edith Parker Cather Memorial Fund
Donate Edna Yoak Robinson Fund for Education
Donate Ed Stephenson Fund for Animals
Donate Eldon L. Miller Education Fund
Donate Elizabeth Simmons Scholarship Fund
Donate Ella Adair Roberts Scholarship
Donate Ella Beren Hersch Scholarship Fund
Donate Emma Lou Endrizzi Memorial Fund
Donate Erman and Susie Dotson Golden Horseshoe Fund
Donate Esbenshade Advised Fund
Donate Estella Marie Schaber Educational Fund
Donate FaithLink Endowment Fund
Donate Family Crisis Intervention Center Endowment Fund
Donate F. O'Donnell "Don" Northrup Memorial Award Fund
Donate Fort Boreman Historical Park Fund
Donate Fostering Hope Scholarship Fund
Donate Foundation Civic Leaders Fellowship Program Fund
Donate Frances DeFranco - James F. Winans, Jr. Scholarship
Donate Frank Sheppard Memorial Fund
Donate Freda Burge Scholarship Fund
Donate Fred and Barbara Kight Endowment for Parkersburg High School
Donate Fred Rader / Maxie Blair Memorial Fund
Donate Friends of Auburn Community Cemetery Fund
Donate Friends of Doddridge County Parks and Recreation Commission Endowment Fund
Donate Friends of the Parkersburg Day Nursery Endowment Fund
Donate Friends of Vienna Endowment Fund
Donate Fund for Ravenswood
Donate Fund for Recovery
Donate Fund for St. Francis Xavier Church
Donate Gail L. Hartshorn Memorial Fund
Donate Galbraith Fund for Mental Health
Donate George H. Clinton Scholarship Fund
Donate GFWC West Virginia Support Fund
Donate Gilmer County Grantmaking Fund
Donate Glendon P. Burton Memorial Conservation Scholarship Fund
Donate Glenn Wilson Broadcast Journalism Scholarship Fund
Donate Good Samaritan Clinic Endowment Fund
Donate Gordon Page Corbitt Scholarship Fund
Donate Gregory A. Summers Memorial Fund
Donate Gregory Linn Haught Citizenship Award
Donate Hancock and Sears Donor Advised Fund
Donate Harlan M. and Lillian G. Law Memorial Fund
Donate Harold F. Salsbery Scholarship Fund
Donate Harrisville Civic Club Community Improvement Fund
Donate Harrisville High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
Donate Harrisville Lions Club Scholarship Fund
Donate Harrisville Town Park Endowment Fund-Mildred Prather Memorial
Donate Harry C. Hartleben, III / Gordon Page Corbitt Scholarship Fund
Donate Harry E. Moats Scholarship Fund
Donate Haught Scholarship Fund
Donate Helen Marsh White Scholarship Fund
Donate Hermon and Leona Mills Campership Fund
Donate Herschel H. Pifer Scholarship Fund
Donate H. G. Hardbarger Science - Mathematics Award Trust Fund
Donate Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield WV Farson - Smith - Earley Fund for Healthcare Excellence
Donate Hollow Creek Farms Fund
Donate Holly Jackson-Wuller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Home Builders Association of the Mid-Ohio Valley / Joel Stout Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Homer and Edith Hickman Charitable Fund
Donate Homer and Edith Hickman Scholarship Fund
Donate Hon. Larry Border Memorial Scholarship for WVU School of Pharmacy
Donate Horizons Center for Independent Living, Inc. Fund in Memory of J. Jackie Purkey
Donate Howard A. Bailey Memorial Fund
Donate H. Smoot and Judith Fahlgren Advised Fund
Donate H. Smoot Fahlgren and Judith Charitable Fund
Donate Humane Society of Parkersburg - Spay/Neuter Assistance Program Fund
Donate Hunger Fund
Donate Ira Wharton Fund I
Donate Ira Wharton Fund II
Donate Jack Stephens Volleyball Scholarship Fund
Donate James F. and Ann W. Beck Charitable Fund
Donate James F. Buck Memorial Fund
Donate James F. Winans, Jr. Big Red Football Award
Donate James H. Roberts Athletic Scholarship Fund
Donate Jan and Charles Pickering Advised Fund
Donate Jane E. Burdette Advised Charitable Fund
Donate Janice Michels Scholarship Fund
Donate Janice Todd Woods Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Jean H. Stephens Charitable Fund
Donate Jeffrey R. Swanson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Jeffrey S. Sullivan Theatre Arts Scholarship
Donate Jennifer D. Coulter Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Jennifer V. Keup Advised Fund
Donate Jesse Michael Cayton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate J. Everett and Hattie Leggett Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate J. Madison Jackson Scholarship-Athletic Prize Fund
Donate Joe Barbarow Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate John A. Statler Scholarship Fund
Donate John Dudley Memorial
Donate John Lee Memorial Fund
Donate John Long and Mary Elizabeth Watkins Thomas Scholarship
Donate Joseph L. Joyce Memorial Fund for Tennis
Donate Judy Sjostedt Advised Fund
Donate June Keeper Scholarship Fund
Donate Junior Department of Parkersburg Women's Club Endowment
Donate Katherine and Stanley Ash Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Kathleen Hammond Adams Fund
Donate Kathryn "Katie" L. and Richard Wilhelm Jr. Memorial Fund
Donate Kelly and Todd Wiseman Family Charitable Fund
Donate Kenneth D. and Katherine D. Davis Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Kent Jorgeson Fund for Music
Donate Kim T. Satterfield Scholarship
Donate Kitty Woods Support Fund for Ritchie County High and Harrisville Elementary Schools
Donate Kiwanis Club of North Parkersburg Foundation Fund
Donate Kiwanis Club of Parkersburg Community Foundation Fund
Donate Kreinik Family Fund
Donate Landon David Butterfield Memorial Fund
Donate Larry D. and Margaret D. Brown Advised Fund
Donate Larry D. and Margaret D. Brown Scholarship Fund
Donate Laverne L. Gibson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Law Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Lawrence E. and Jean L. Davis Scholarship Fund
Donate Lawrence M. and Margaret Ann Ronning Memorial Fund
Donate Lea D. Turner Sakach Humane Society of Parkersburg Fund
Donate Leavitt Charitable Fund
Donate Leslie E. and Jane B. Pritchard Advised Fund
Donate Leslie "Joe" Menzies BSA Troop 4 Memorial Fund
Donate Lewis County Community Foundation Fund
Donate Lilian and Leo Levey Trust Fund
Donate Lions Club of Parkersburg Monarch Fund
Donate Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation Scholarship Fund
Donate Little Kanawha Area Grantmaking Fund
Donate Little Kanawha Regional Council Permanent Educational Endowment Fund
Donate Local History and Resource Conservation Fund
Donate Louise Mason Memorial Fund
Donate Lowell and Wilda Jackson Charitable Fund for Pennsboro
Donate Lowell and Wilda Jackson Community Fund
Donate Lubeck Elementary Teacher Memorial Fund
Donate Lu-VE Foundation Fund
Donate Maddox Cemetery Endowment Fund
Donate Marbie McCartney Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Marian Clowes Advised Fund
Donate Marion R. Layton Memorial Fund
Donate Marissa Miller Student Athlete Scholarship Fund
Donate Martin K. Alsup and Frank Schroeder Music Scholarship Fund
Donate Martin/Stephens Memorial Fund
Donate Marvin F. Gilmore III Memorial Fund
Donate Mary Ann Pettigrew Charitable Fund
Donate Mary K. Smith Rector Scholarship Fund
Donate Mary Lou Hague Memorial Fund
Donate Mary M. Welch Advised Fund
Donate Mary M. Welch Fund for the Parkersburg Art Center
Donate Maureen Fennessy Metz Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Maurice J. Couture Memorial Fund
Donate McDermott Dreelin Grammar School Fund
Donate McDermott Dreelin Scholarship
Donate McLean-Dooley Fund
Donate McNeeley Animal Welfare Fund in Memory of Owen and Eileen McNeeley
Donate Megan Nicole Longwell Scholarship Fund
Donate Michael C. Whitlow Scholarship Fund
Donate Michael Eddy Memorial Fund
Donate Michael E. Shirey Memorial Fund
Donate Mid-Ohio Valley Endowment for Women, Children, and Families
Donate Mid-Ohio Valley Endowment for Women, Children, and Families - Hazel Elliott Fund
Donate Mid-Ohio Valley Estate Planning Council (MOVEPC) Community Support Fund
Donate Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home Endowment Fund
Donate Mid-Ohio Valley Symphony Society Advised Fund
Donate Minnie Hamilton Health System Advised Fund
Donate Minnite Family Charitable Fund
Donate Mountaineer Children at Risk Fund
Donate MOV Oral Health Fund
Donate Mr. and Mrs. Gilmer S. Wharton Anniversary Fund
Donate Mullen Memorial Baptist Church Building Maintenance Fund
Donate Mustard Seed Community Fund
Donate Nancy and George Kiedaisch Scholarship Fund
Donate Nancy C. Barton Scholarship Fund
Donate Nancy Ellen Thomas Memorial Fund
Donate Nancy Netser Mackley Scholarship Fund
Donate Nellie Grimm Sheppard and Paschal Grant Sheppard Scholarship Fund
Donate New Era One Room School Endowment Fund
Donate New Era One Room School Endowment Fund - Agency Contributions
Donate Norma S. Phillips Cross Country Runners Scholarship Fund
Donate North Christian School - Dr. Sheila Stastny Memorial Fund
Donate North Christian School Endowment Fund
Donate North Christian School Endowment Fund - Agency Contributions
Donate O. Eugene and Mary Scott Smith Memorial Fund
Donate Ohio Valley University Fund
Donate Ohio Valley University Scholarship in Memory of Mark C. and Peggy N. Kury
Donate Oil, Gas, and Industrial Historical Association Support Fund
Donate Okey and Wanda Bennett Memorial Fund
Donate Old Man Rivers Endowment Fund
Donate Old Man Rivers Support Fund
Donate Oran S. and H. Joanne Schulte Baker Family Legacy Scholarship Fund
Donate Orma M. Wilson Johnson Fund
Donate Owen and Eileen McNeeley Veterinary Scholarship Fund
Donate Pam Reeves Memorial Scholarship
Donate Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired Endowment Fund
Donate Parents and Friends of the Hearing Impaired Endowment Fund - Agency Contributions
Donate Parkersburg Academy of Medicine Advised Fund for Children's Health
Donate Parkersburg Academy of Medicine for Pediatric Department at Camden Clark Memorial Hospital
Donate Parkersburg Area Community Foundation Scholarship Fund
Donate Parkersburg Area Community Foundation Support Fund
Donate Parkersburg Art Center Agency Designated Fund
Donate Parkersburg Art Center Endowment Fund
Donate Parkersburg Art Center Endowment Fund - Agency Contributions
Donate Parkersburg Art Center Trust Fund
Donate Parkersburg Bridge Partners Charitable Fund
Donate Parkersburg Catholic High School Athletic Foundation
Donate Parkersburg Chapter of the West Virginia Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship Fund
Donate Parkersburg High School Foundation, Inc. Fund
Donate Parkersburg High School Foundation Permanent Endowment Fund
Donate Parkersburg - Marietta Contractors Association Scholarship Fund in Honor of Rose Stemple
Donate Parkersburg Pride Endowment Fund
Donate Parkersburg South High School AFJROTC Memorial Fund
Donate Parkersburg & Wood County Public Library Endowment Fund
Donate Parkersburg & Wood County Public Library Endowment Fund/Goff
Donate PARS Brain and Spine Institute Charitable Fund
Donate Patriot Foundation for Parkersburg South High School
Donate Patriot Foundation Scholarship in Memory of Terry Bragg
Donate Paul and Eva Hawkins Charitable Fund
Donate Pennsboro High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
Donate PHS A Cappella Choir Endowment Fund
Donate PHS Alumni Association Fund for Robotics and S.T.E.M. Education
Donate PHS Classes of 1943 Scholarship Fund
Donate PHS English/Print Journalism Excellence Award in Memory of Richard D. Grissom, Ruth Marlow, and E. S. Shannon, and in Honor of Carolyn McCune
Donate Powell Law Office Wood County Scholarship Assistance for WVU College of Law
Donate Proclaimers Gospel Quartet Fund for Christian Youth in Memory of Harold E. Board
Donate Project Yoga MOV Endowment Fund
Donate Public Health Initiatives-Diabetes Prevention Fund
Donate Rae Browne Sumnerite Endowment Fund
Donate Rainbow Advised Fund
Donate Ray L. and Mable S. Vannoy Youth Recreation Foundation Fund
Donate Raymond and Elizabeth W. Fanta Advised Fund
Donate Ray R. and Margaret M. Ritchie Charitable Fund
Donate Rev. and Mrs. R. Daniel Simmons Special Needs Fund
Donate Rev. John L. and Lucille E. Holbert Scholarship Fund
Donate Rex and Judd Dudley Permanent Educational Fund
Donate Rhea Cottrill Literacy Fund
Donate Richard G. Mason Memorial Fund
Donate Rick Barnard Memorial Scholarship
Donate Rita Smith Advised Fund
Donate Ritchie County 4-H Endowment Fund
Donate Ritchie County Community Foundation Scholarship Fund
Donate Ritchie County Emergency Relief Fund in Memory of Dr. Wade Prather
Donate Ritchie County Grantmaking Fund
Donate Ritchie County High School Golf Team Support Fund
Donate Ritchie County Historic Cemeteries Maintenance-Swadley Memorial Fund
Donate Ritchie County Humane Society Endowment Fund
Donate R. N. Gaggar Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Robert C. Foster, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Robert E. Fouss Memorial Fund
Donate Robert E. Lowe, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Robert Evans Stealey Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Robert Gordon Memorial Trust
Donate Robert Louis Storck Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Robert T. Goldenberg Trust Fund
Donate Robert W. Burk, Jr. Memorial Fund
Donate Ronald N. and Donna E. Roberts Advised Fund
Donate Ronald V. and Kathryn J. Stoops Charitable Fund
Donate Roscoe R. Daniell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Ross and Bob McHenry Award Fund
Donate Ross Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Rotary-Sour Mash Donor Advised Fund
Donate Ruby Voitle - Winans Scholarship Fund for Parkersburg Catholic High School
Donate Russ Grant Memorial Scholarship for Tennis
Donate Ruth and Ron Tepley Award
Donate Ruth Harris Memorial Fund
Donate Ruth Hornbrook Memorial Fund
Donate Ruth M. Tepley Memorial Fund
Donate Ryan C. Jobes Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Safety Net Fund
Donate Safety Net Fund
Donate Salvation Army of Parkersburg Fund
Donate Sam Mandich Scholarship Fund
Donate Sand Plains, Lewis A., and Gurry F. Batten Educational Fund
Donate Sarah A. Townsend Advised Fund
Donate Sarajane (Levey) Avidon Fund for the Arts
Donate Saundra Hardman Farson Nursing Scholarship Fund
Donate Save A Kitty Feral Cat Program Endowment Fund
Donate SB and DB Taylor Family Charitable Fund
Donate S. Byrl Ross Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Scott Family - King Knob Cemetery Support Fund
Donate Scott McCormick Memorial Scholarship
Donate SDR and Ritchie Family Charitable Fund
Donate SDR - Ritchie Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Senator J. Frank Deem Fund for Boys & Girls Club of Parkersburg
Donate Senior Arts Fund-Ausenheimer Memorial
Donate Shane Gilbert Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Shannon Benefit Fund for Wood County Crew
Donate Shimp Family Advised Fund
Donate Shirley E. Harvey Memorial Fund
Donate "Sig" and Kate Barker Memorial Entrepreneur Scholarship Fund
Donate Simonton Windows Scholarship Fund
Donate Sisters of St. Joseph Health and Wellness Foundation School-Based Health Fund
Donate Smoot Theatre Endowment Fund
Donate Smoot-Widmeyer Community Fund
Donate Smoot-Widmeyer Fund for FaithLink
Donate Smoot-Widmeyer Fund for Habitat for Humanity of the MOV
Donate Smoot-Widmeyer Special Needs Fund
Donate St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Scholarship Fund
Donate St. Jude Innovation Fund in Memory of the Cupp and Coyne Families
Donate Stout Memorial United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund
Donate Susan Kraybill Roberts Library Scholarship
Donate Suzanne L. Bayley Memorial Fund
Donate S. William and Martha R. Goff Memorial Fund
Donate S. William and Martha R. Goff Permanent Education Fund
Donate SW Resources, Inc. Permanent Endowment Fund
Donate Tamara K. Brown Helping to Heal Fund
Donate Teacher Support Fund in Memory of Rebecca Mangus
Donate Tebay Family Fund for Boys and Girls State
Donate Terrapin Park Advised Fund
Donate The Ambrose - Ramsey Trust
Donate The Arc of Wood County Endowment Fund
Donate The Bennett "Benny" Stump Memorial Fund for Wood County Rec
Donate The Fund for Schools
Donate The Junior League of Parkersburg Cook House
Donate The Langfitt - Ambrose Trust
Donate The Mountain Heart Foundation Fund
Donate The Spirit of Giving Fund
Donate The Vasan Family Scholarship for Academic Excellence
Donate Thomas F. Cowan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Thomas N. Taylor - Sarah Scott Memorial Fund
Donate Thomas Warren Roberts Memorial Fund
Donate Todd Daggett Memorial - Winans Services Scholarship Fund
Donate Tom and Pat Meintel Charitable Fund
Donate Tom Longmire Memorial Scholarship
Donate Tyler Milam Westbrook Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley Endowment Fund
Donate United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley-Susan Beth Harvey Memorial Fund
Donate Unrestricted WesBanco
Donate Ute "Sue" Crews Memorial Fund
Donate Valentine Family Advised Fund
Donate Vaught Chapel Cemetery Fund - Everett and Leah Freed Memorial Fund
Donate Vienna Baptist Church Scholarship Fund
Donate Virginia Hackett Memorial Fund for Education
Donate Voices for Children Foundation-CASA Endowment Fund
Donate Voices of the Streets Endowment Fund in Memory of George Penn
Donate Wade Hampton McLean Football Award
Donate Waller C. Hardy, Jr. and Charlotte P. Hardy Fund
Donate Walter B. Swentzel Scholarship
Donate Walter E. and Marie Ausenheimer Memorial Fund
Donate Walter E. Ausenheimer Fund
Donate Wanda B. Mitchell Charitable Fund
Donate Wanda B. Mitchell Scholarship Fund
Donate Wayne-Meador-Elliott Scholarship Fund
Donate W. Bernard Bice and Karen V. Bice Scholarship Fund
Donate Westbrook Health Services Permanent Endowment Fund in honor of JoAnn Powell
Donate Westminster Presbyterian Church Memory Garden Fund
Donate West Union Christian Church Endowment Fund
Donate Whitaker - Minard Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate William (Billbo) Boston / Harold C. Knopp Scholarship Fund
Donate William E. "Bill" Gallagher Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate William R. and Patricia Boyd Advised Fund
Donate William R. Pfalzgraf Memorial Fund
Donate William R. Reaser Scholarship Fund
Donate Williamstown Fund for Excellence
Donate Williamstown High School Endowment Fund
Donate Williamstown High School Scholarship Fund
Donate Wilma High Charitable Fund
Donate Wolfe II
Donate Women's Opportunity Fund - Linda H. Culp Memorial
Donate Wood County 4H Camp Trustees Endowment Fund
Donate Wood County Association of School Administrators and Friends of Education Trust
Donate Wood County Bar Association Memorial Fund
Donate Wood County Christian School Endowment Fund
Donate Wood County Historic Cemeteries and Preservation Fund
Donate Wood County Senior Citizens Fund
Donate Wood County Society Designated Fund
Donate Wood County Technical/Capterton Center Scholarship Fund
Donate Wood County Trails Fund
Donate WV Association of School Administrators Fund
Donate WV Nurses Association District #3 Professional Nursing Scholarship
Donate WVU at Parkersburg Fund
Donate YABA Youth Bowling Fund
Donate YMCA Permanent Endowment Fund
Donate Youth Endowment Fund